Say NO — Unite to End Violence Against Women campaign

Young people around the world want to claim 25th of every month, leading up to November 25, which is observed as the International Day to End Violence against Women, as Orange Day, a day for taking action.  For UN Women’s Say NO campaign, the simple action we wish is for everyone – men, women, boys and girls, young and old – to wear something orange on the 25th of every month. It can be a t-shirt, a scarf, a tie, a dress, slacks, or any attire you choose.  On PATH NC’s Facebook page, we will also put the color orange in our cover photo on every 25th.  Tell your friends to wear orange, and share your photos or Tweet about it.  As more of us start wearing the color orange on the 25th of every month, we will generate interest and spark conversations about the issue. Ultimately, we want people to start thinking and talking about how to end violence against women and girls.


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