CAASE Research on Online Message Boards

The Chicago Alliance against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE) will be releasing a report about online message boards in Illinois where men discuss buying sex.  Researcher Lara Janson has worked with CAASE for two years on this report, titled “‘Our Great Hobby’: an Analysis of Online Networks for Buyers of Sex in Illinois.”  The research focuses on a website called the “USA Sex Guide,” and it will offer a unique glimpse into an area that often remains hidden and inaccessable to those trying to stop human trafficking.

The report will be released on January 11, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  In the report, Janson will discuss how men use online message boards on the USA Sex Guide’s website, what their comments reveal about women and girls in the sex trade, and how local law enforcement can be more effective in addressing the demand side of human trafficking.

CAASE is a non-profit organization based in Chicago that focuses on prevention efforts, policy and advocacy, community engagement, and legal services.  CAASE works to address the culture of sexual exploitation in hopes to eliminate it from society.  For more information, you can visit the group’s website, at


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