NC Now interview with Senator Thom Goolsby

Senator Thom Goolsby (R- New Hanover) was recently interviewed by host Kelly McCullen on UNC-TV’s news program NC Now.  In this 6 1/2 minute clip, Sen. Goolsby talks about the problem of human trafficking within our state, citing we are one of the top ten states in the nation with this problem.  Mr. Goolsby also explains about the importance of training law enforcement to interdict human trafficking actions.

Senator Goolsby is a primary sponsor of S122, a bill that would require all human and sex trafficking offenders to register under the Sex Offender and Public Protection Registration Program.  The bill has passed the state Senate and is currently in the House.  You can read the legislation and see its progress through the state government through this link to its NC General Assembly page.

Also, the recent NC Now interview has been posted on Kelly McCullen’s YouTube channel; you can click on this link to view it.  (Hyperlink for video:

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