How Google Is Fighting Sex Trafficking With Big Data

This article by Michael Grothaus talks about the use of technology and collaborations with software and big data companies to combat human trafficking.

The current estimate is there are about 21 million people being held in slavery.  Worldwide, sex and labor trafficking generates about $32 billion a year.  Traffickers are technology-savvy, using social media, mobile devices, and the Internet to commit their crimes. 

How can organizations combat human trafficking?  Hotlines.  Thanks in part to a $3 million grant from Google and help from big data companies Palantir and, three anti-trafficking organizations (La Strada International, Polaris Project, and Liberty Asia) have launched the Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network, which aims to make it easier for victims to get help.  Instead of a hundred different hotlines with a hundred different databases, this hotline will have a standardized database and data aggregation.  The hotline will also utilize technology allowing a call center to use a web application in order to map from where a victim is calling.

Big data and technology are joining to help combat human trafficking.  Awareness will also help.  Share this article with a friend: (  You can also find out more about the Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network at Polaris Project’s website.


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