Everyday Parenting Ideas: In the community

(From ParentFurther

This month, our conversation centers on the importance of developmental relationships. Healthy developmental relationships happen when youth and adults actively listen to each other; treat each other with respect, honesty, kindness, and empathy; have a shared understanding of their roles and responsibilities within the relationship; respectfully challenge and hold each other accountable; and enjoy their time together.


Here are some tips for the community:

Notice those who make special efforts to be there for your children.  Do teachers, coaches, and youth leaders like, respect, and treat children fairly?  Thank the adults who spend time with your kids.  These may include teachers, youth leaders, extended family members, neighbors, music instructors, tutors, bus drivers, and many other people in your children’s lives.

Encourage the adults you know and trust to spend more time with your children.  Have you asked adults you respect to watch out for, mentor, or spend time with your child?  Offer specific invitations for connections based on mutual interests.


Also be sure to watch ParentFurther’s Developmental Relationships webinar, presented by Dr. Peter Scales, a developmental psychologist, researcher, author, speaker, and internationally recognized authority on positive youth development.


ParentFurther is a Search Institute resource for families.   ParentFurther uses a positive, strength-based approach to parenting, focusing on what’s right with kids (and parents), and the small, everyday steps you can take to help kids be successful in the future.


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