Podcasts from PreventConnect

PreventConnect has recently posted three podcasts involving a sneak peek, making the connection, and social media.

1.  The National Sexual Assault Conference will take place Aug. 28-30 in Los Angeles.  The conference will feature a dynamic and engaging prevention track.  This year’s conference theme is “Inspire a Movement, Invest in Change, Imagine…,“ which will focus on cutting-edge information, effective and relevant practices, appropriate outreach, and services to historically underserved communities.  You can click on PreventConnect’s link for a sneak peek of the conference’s topics.

2.  This year, PreventConnect is posting a series about making connections in sexual violence prevention.  In this podcast, Jonathan Yglesias talks about making big changes, switching from working with the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance to working on infectious disease prevention with the Washington State Department of Health.  He also talks about the similarities in both lines of work, as well as a call for the two fields of violence prevention and disease prevention to collaborate.

3.  Also in 2013, PreventConnect has been hosting prevention sessions, featuring conversations about local and national actions in the area of sexual assault prevention.  Prevention Session Four was just released, which focuses on social media’s purpose and implementations.  You can learn tips and tools and hear advice from sexual violence prevention practitioners regarding the uses of social media.

PreventConnect is a national online project dedicated to the primary prevention of sexual and domestic violence.


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