Diane Rehm talks about sex/labor trafficking on her radio program (Oct. 3)

NPR host Diane Rehm took to the air last Thursday (October 3) and addressed the issues of sex and labor trafficking on her radio program.

Guests on her show included Sophie Hayes, survivor and author of her memoir “Trafficked”; Bradley Myles, executive director and CEO of the Polaris Project; and and Martina Vandenburg, president and founder of the Human Trafficking Pro Bono Legal Center.

Vandenburg addressed the issues of labor trafficking and how many cases involve diplomats in the Washington DC area enslaving domestic workers brought into the country on special visas.  Hayes revealed her chilling personal story of being forced into prostitution by a man she had known and trusted for many years.  Myles talked about his program, including the national hotline that has been recently implemented for trafficking victims to get help.

A complete transcript of Thursday’s program, titled “New Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking,” can be accessed on Diane Rehm’s program website.  In the Triangle area, Mrs. Rehm’s radio program can also be accessed Monday-Friday from 10 AM to noon and Sunday mornings from 10 to 11 at 91.5 FM (WUNC-FM).

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