FDFI Announces Recipient of the 2013 Frederick Douglass Human Rights Award

Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives (FDFI) is an Abolitionist organization, co-founded by direct descendants of Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington, and based in Atlanta, Georgia.  The non-profit organization addresses the issue of human trafficking through its secondary school curricula, professional development and training and protocol consultation.

FDFI is proud to announce Ms. Norma Abbene, Esq. as the winner of the 2013 Frederick Douglass Human Rights Award.  Ms. Abbene is Chief of Staff for Legal Affairs & Deputy Counsel to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  She has been part of the current administration since 2002.  She has played a key role in Mayor Bloomberg’s Let’s End Human Trafficking campaign, which launched in 2009.  Ms. Abbene is also the force behind the creation of the Mayor’s Round Table on Human Trafficking, a public awareness campaign that has been successfully adopted in New York and across the country.

You can view FDFI’s press release about Ms. Abbene here, and you can read more about Ms. Abbene’s passion to combat human trafficking in a Q&A session with FDFI’s vice president Robert Benz.  We congratulate Ms. Norma Abbene, Esq. as this year’s recipient of the Frederick Douglass Human Rights Award, and we applaud all actions taken to combat human trafficking in our communities!


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