Sign Polaris Project’s H.R. 3344 petition!

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, but we can do more.  You can act today to prevent labor trafficking.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people coming to work in the US on visas are put at greater risk of labor trafficking by unchecked labor recruiters.  Abusive recruiters prey on workers by charging fees and tricking them into exploitative jobs that pay a fraction of the national minimum wage.  These workers end up with insufficient wages for basic needs, and they become trapped, unable to return home to see their families.

A proposed bill that will crack down on these abusive recruiters is H.R. 3344, the Fraudulent Overseas Recruitment and Trafficking Elimination (FORTE) Act.  This legislation will ensure:

– No more lying in contracts
– No more excessive fees
– More oversight of recruiters

H.R. 3344 will require third-party foreign labor recruiters to register with the Department of Labor, and it will also require labor recruiters to provide explicit information, including the identity and addresses of both the recruiter and the employer, terms and conditions of employment, and an explanation that significant changes cannot be made to the original contract without adequate notice and the voluntary consent of the worker.

You can act to prevent future labor trafficking by telling Congress to pass H.R. 3344.  Click here to access the Polaris Project’s petition and to contact your local Congressional members about this issue.


3 thoughts on “Sign Polaris Project’s H.R. 3344 petition!

  1. I am worried that this may lead to more foreign workers being deported to a country (likely not their own) where they are equally or more likely to be trafficked. thoughts?

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