Chocolate is hiding a secret. Sign the petition!

Walk Free wants Warner Bros. to be held accountable of their production processes, and you can help!

In many African nations, child slavery is normal and routine.  In the Ivory Coast, for example, children as young as 7 are taken away from their families and forced to work long, backbreaking days picking cocoa that will eventually be turned into chocolate.  Many companies have made public commitments to move toward fair trade, making products with humane working conditions and proper wages.

A recent investigation has shown that Warner Bros. and its chocolate supplier, Behr’s Chocolates, is lagging behind.   In an independent investigation, Behr’s Chocolates received a failing score of 1 out of 48 possible measures to ensure their operations are slavery-free.  To make matters worse, Warner Bros. dismissed the findings of the investigation, and when outraged consumers asked Warner Bros. what steps were taken to ensure there was no slavery in Harry Potter Chocolates. Warner Bros. refused to respond.

Let’s call on Warner Bros to be open and accountable.  Phase two of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will open at Universal Studios later this year.  They will be selling chocolates, and we need to make sure they have been made slavery-free

Sign this petition, and ask Warner Bros. what steps they’re taking to ensure Harry Potter chocolates are slavery-free.

Walk Free is a movement of 5 million+ people everywhere, fighting to end one of the world’s greatest evils:  modern slavery.


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