Everyone’s Kids, Everyone Gives Campaign (September 16)

Everyone’s Kids, Everyone Gives is a social impact campaign aimed at helping to end child sex trafficking and modern slavery in the US.  This national initiative is a 24-hour-long giving day that will mobilize hundreds of organizations and thousands of people across the country.

The event will take place on Tuesday, September 16, and it is hosted by Razoo.com, the fastest growing crowdfunding site for causes in the US.  The initiative’s coalition includes partners in the technology and media fields, such as the Polaris Project, the Urban Justice Project, and Walk Free.

Commitments can be made in advance of the September 16 event, and interested individuals and groups can register by visiting the Everyone’s Kids, Everyone Gives website.  At the site, you can also find out about possible grants administered by Razoo and awarded to non-profits whose projects combat the issue of domestic child sex trafficking.


The Razoo Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization which permits donors to advise a regranting of their donations to qualified charitable organizations.  Razoo regrants 95.1% of its contribution to the qualifying organization as advised by the donor, retaining 4.9% for Razoo Foundation’s expenses (including credit card transaction costs). 100% of online charitable donations are receipted as a charitable contribution to Razoo Foundation, advised for regrant to your chosen charity.

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