Advocacy Alert: The Feinstein-Kirk SAVE Act (September 10)

Classified websites are now a primary venue for traffickers to sell and purchase sex.  They provide anonymity and accessibility to individuals trying to exploit youth.  The SAVE Act is aiming to crack down on these online classified sites.

The Feinstein-Kirk Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation Act (SAVE Act, S. 2536) combats Internet sex trafficking.  The SAVE Act will make it unlawful for a person or business entity to use the Internet to sell, commercially promote, or maintain an adult advertisement with reckless disregard of the fact the adult advertisement facilitates or causes a person under 18 years to engage in a commercial sex act under federal or state law.

Under the SAVE Act, websites that commercially promote adult advertisements have three record-keeping requirements:

1.  To verify the identity and age of each person purchasing the adult advertisement space.
2.  To verify the identity and age of each person depicted within such adult advertisement.
3.  To maintain such records for not less than 7 years.  These records must also be available to the Attorneys General.

Shared Hope International offers ways for you to take action in support of the SAVE Act.  First, you can educate yourself by reading about the proposed legislation in a fact sheet authored by a co-sponsor of the SAVE Act, Senator Mark Kirk.  You can ask your local Senator to support the Feinstein-Kirk SAVE Act by writing a letter.  Finally, there will be a national telephone briefing about the SAVE Act on Wednesday, September 10 at 3 PM.  For more information on the briefing, you can contact Eliza Reock at

Help us crack down on domestic minor sex trafficking by supporting legislature, such as the SAVE Act!



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