Raising Awareness: Fact #4

(from Love146)

4. Awareness is showing the reality.

Human trafficking is undoubtedly one of the darkest issues our world faces today.  However, dark images used in communicating human trafficking can sometimes do more harm than good.  Sensational imagery (like blood splatters, cages, suitcases, and ropes) is relevant to certain specific and extreme cases of human trafficking, but they create illusions that may keep people from properly identifying trafficking within their community.  A person experiencing trafficking or exploitation may not be able to self-identify or feel the need to seek help.

Exaggeration can also invalidate the true and “typical” experiences of human trafficking survivors, alienating the public from sympathizing with common trafficking cases.

As you’re spreading the word about human trafficking, just as you should be careful with your words, you should also be careful with the images you create and share.

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