First-ever scholarship program for trafficking survivors

(Link to original press release 11/5/14)

The Sabre Corporation, an international technology provider, has launched the first-ever educational scholarship fund for human trafficking survivors!  In its first year, the Passport to Freedom scholarship program will offer survivors up to $10,000 to help pay for vocational training and post-secondary education.

Sabre created its Passport to Freedom program in 2012 to create human trafficking awareness among its employees and the international travel and tourism industries.  The newly-created scholarship program will help make education more attainable for trafficking survivors, resulting in development of marketable skills and opportunities for secure gainful employment.

Sabre will offer up to five (5) one-time and renewable scholarships per year.  Scholarship applications will be accepted from January 5 through March 12, 2015.  Selection criteria and information on the scholarship program can be found at

(Sabre® Corporation is a leading technology provider to the global travel and tourism industry. Sabre’s software, data, mobile and distribution solutions are used by hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotel properties to manage critical operations, such as passenger and guest reservations, revenue management, and flight, network and crew management.)


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