SupportHeForShe: Ask men and boys in your life to support your passion

With International Women’s Day happening tomorrow (March 8), we are asking you to influence your friends, work colleagues, family, and neighbors.  Please invite them to join in UN Women’s HeForShe campaign, designed to mobilize men and boys to support ending gender-based violence and discrimination.

A simple and effective way to show support is to utilize social media.  Please ask the men and boys in your circle to post support for gender equality on Twitter or Facebook with a message using the hashtag #SupportHeForShe.  A sample message may look something like this:

I #SupportHeForShe because my (complete the blank) deserves the same opportunities as any man.

You can also ask the men and boys in your life to visit to learn more about how they can make the HeForShe commitment and create change for the achievement of gender equality.  The HeForShe commitment means you express zero tolerance of discrimination and violence against women; you believe in equal access to social, political, and economic opportunities; you understand that taking a stand for women and girls is taking a stand for humanity; and you speak up when you see physical, emotional, or sexual harassment.

If you know a man who wants his daughter, granddaughter, sister, wife, or a female friend to have equal opportunities as men, please ask him to voice his support tomorrow for International Women’s Day!


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