NC Human Trafficking Commission Meeting (May 21)

The NC Human Trafficking Commission will hold a meeting on Thursday, May 21, from 10 AM to 1 PM.  This meeting is open to the public, and it will be held at the Governor’s Crime Commission, 1201 Front Street, in downtown Raleigh.

Here is a copy of the Public Notice of Meeting on 5.21.15 from the NC Department of Justice.  For more information about the meeting, please contact Assistant Attorney General Narcisa Woods at (919) 716-6938.


Make public spaces safe and empowering for women and girls (October 25)

Saturday, October 25, is Orange Day, and UN Women would like you to take action!

October’s focus is on safe and empowering public places with and for women and girls.  Sexual harassment and sexual violence in public spaces – on the streets, on public transport, in parks, in schools, in the workplace, etc. – is an everyday reality for women and girls around the world.  There are few laws in place that actually address this issue and punish offenders.

This Saturday, you can take action to shed light on the issue.  UN Women offers some specific actions:

  • Organize a discussion with members of your community on the opportunities that safe and empowering public spaces with and for women and girls can bring.  Talk about how the issues that can affect women and girls’ rights to public spaces can be addressed in partnership with local groups, such as municipal governments, grassroots organizations, youth, media, research organizations, and others.
  • Share information with your municipality on tools and strategies that can make public spaces gender sensitive and safe for all.  UN Women’s Global Safe Cities Initiative is a great resource for these strategies!
  • Share your messages for ending violence against women and girls in public places at and at

Be sure to download a copy of UN Women’s press release detailing the messages and actions you can take on October 25.  On this upcoming Orange Day, prioritize making public spaces safer for women and girls!

Calling for Safe Public Spaces for Women and Girls! (Orange Day)

Are public spaces safe for women and girls where you live? What can be done to make them safer?  This Friday (October 25) is Orange Day, and the UNiTE Campaign is drawing attention to a problem that has persisted for too long, and has few laws or policies in place to address it – violence against women and girls in public spaces.

Sexual harassment and other forms of violence happen on the streets, in public transportation and parks, in and around schools or work places.  It is a daily reality for many women and girls around the world.   Countless incidents go unreported and unaddressed.

Launched in 2010 by UN Women, and building upon efforts undertaken by women’s rights organizations and local governments, the Safe Cities Global Initiative, involving over 15 cities, is working to make cities safer for women and girls.

You can visit Say NO – UNiTE’s website to learn how you can take action and organize events on the 25th.  We also want you to share your support of Orange Day on social media sites.  UNiTE’s website also offers sample Twitter and Facebook messages you can post to highlight the imporance of safe public spaces for women and girls!

orange day

Follow Say NO – UNiTE at  Like Say NO – UNiTE on Facebook at  And don’t forget to wear ORANGE on the 25th!